Kansas City Chapter

(and surrounding area)

2017 Officers:

2017 Delegates:

2017 Alternate Delegates:

2016 Committees:

  • ENA Awards Banquet:  Chair:  Stephanie Droppelmann  Co-Chair: Kelli Carr
  • Communications:  Chair:  Angie Giegerich  Co-Chair: Trina Cole
  • Education: Chair:  Kelli Carr  Co-Chair: Tyler Frederick
  • Disaster Preparedness:  Chair: Joe Keary   Co-Chair:  Nicki Carlton
  • Government Affairs:  Chair:  Nicki Carlton  Co-Chair:  Cheryl Phillips
  • IQSIP:    Chair:  Lori Davis  Co-Chair  Trina Cole
  • Membership:  Chair:  Becky Hoffmann   Co-Chair:  Stephanie Droppelmann


Meeting Schedule: Every other month, beginning in February. 2nd Wed of the month.

Chapter Bylaws:  http://kcena.org/our-officers/kc-ena-bylaws/


Meeting Minutes: